In My Feelings

We're all programmed to feel. What's felt is left to us. In this life, we are vessels and whatever passes through us can affect our well being. The waves you let interrupt you matter though. This process has been dubbed "in my feelings" for awhile.

Always remember that whatever you're going through is temporary. There's light at the end of the tunnel if you're holding your head high enough to see. For those who have said to themselves today "I'm in my feelings", this is for you. 

If something is bothering you and you want something to get over it, this is your sign. If you've got a tough decision to make and you're in need of a push, this is it. If you're wondering what's next for you and you need assurance for your moves. This is it. As much as I get "in my feelings", I know that I'll never get anything accomplished if I stay there.

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I Love Me

It's almost too often that I come across someone who isn't fond of me, based off the color of my skin. They could like what I'm wearing, they could like how I think, they could love my hairstyle that day, they could even hold a conversation with me and enjoy me as a person... But, they could never admit to any of those things because society has trained them to hate me. 

When I was younger, I was in the minority in terms of race, etc. I always wanted white friends, I wanted to go too a multi cultural school, I was the outcast in terms of my likes and dislikes unlike the rest. I wanted these things because I wasn't taught to hate growing up. That shifted my mindset a bit. Because, although I had these ambitions, it wasn't my reality. I grew up in the hood, I had hood friends and we did hood things together and my high school had one white girl who attended for a half of a semester. No diversity there to say the least. This didn't make me dislike my surroundings though, only show the people I was around that there was more too who we are. We are not one dimensional.

Now that I look back on my thought process as a teen, I'm thankful for how I was raised and fearful how these children are being raised today. I feel like generations before them had at least a fighting chance and now there chance is slim to none. I was able to form my own opinion of people and this world, it wasn't stuffed down my throat to feel a certain "just because."

With that said, I have to always remind myself who where I came from and where I plan to go because I know in this world, there are a lot of people who want me to lose by default. They don't want me to win, only because I'm attached to something I can't change, nor do I want too. I love me. All of me. Every fiber, everything piece of my being and I hope through all the hate, you know that you love you too.

For Those In Need

We all go through hurdles in life. There are moments when you think something couldn't get worse and it'll never be better. There are times when you think you're alone and nobody can cure the emptiness you feel. In those times, faith is an important medicine.

Believing in something higher won't do much for those who don't truly understand that what they feel matters. Good vibes produce good energy. If you ever wonder why nothing is going your way, it's because you're thinking that it won't... You've lost the race before you've even spotted the finish the line.

Perception is an important factor of faith. How you want to be perceived and what you see is what you'll become. The key to this all though is believing. You've got to.

Quarter Life Crisis

If you would've told me that I'd be embracing twenty five years of age awhile ago, I'd scoff and laugh you off. But, here I am on my twenty fifth birthday living in the moment. There's nothing quite available to prepare you for reaching a milestone in life, but, being a quarter into this life, i'd say the greatest thing to prepare me for the future is experience. 

I live by a motto, "You'll always be given the lessons in life over and over until you learn then" and I go through my life hoping to grow with that in the back of my mind because it's true. There isn't a day that I don't pray to advance because I'm all about bettering who I am into who I know I can become.

For anyone who feels like they can't go on or they're not quite sure what's coming next... In my opinion, there should be no worries of that. Nobody truly knows whats next even when they think they do. That feeling of uncertainty would be lesson enough to keep going, no matter what.

Happy Birthday To Me


Brand New Me!

The best part about life is growth. Sometimes, it takes a lot, often times it takes nothing to grow. Experience is the best teacher and I'm glad that I'm blessed to breathe another to learn.