Quarter Life Crisis

If you would've told me that I'd be embracing twenty five years of age awhile ago, I'd scoff and laugh you off. But, here I am on my twenty fifth birthday living in the moment. There's nothing quite available to prepare you for reaching a milestone in life, but, being a quarter into this life, i'd say the greatest thing to prepare me for the future is experience. 

I live by a motto, "You'll always be given the lessons in life over and over until you learn then" and I go through my life hoping to grow with that in the back of my mind because it's true. There isn't a day that I don't pray to advance because I'm all about bettering who I am into who I know I can become.

For anyone who feels like they can't go on or they're not quite sure what's coming next... In my opinion, there should be no worries of that. Nobody truly knows whats next even when they think they do. That feeling of uncertainty would be lesson enough to keep going, no matter what.

Happy Birthday To Me