I Love Me

It's almost too often that I come across someone who isn't fond of me, based off the color of my skin. They could like what I'm wearing, they could like how I think, they could love my hairstyle that day, they could even hold a conversation with me and enjoy me as a person... But, they could never admit to any of those things because society has trained them to hate me. 

When I was younger, I was in the minority in terms of race, etc. I always wanted white friends, I wanted to go too a multi cultural school, I was the outcast in terms of my likes and dislikes unlike the rest. I wanted these things because I wasn't taught to hate growing up. That shifted my mindset a bit. Because, although I had these ambitions, it wasn't my reality. I grew up in the hood, I had hood friends and we did hood things together and my high school had one white girl who attended for a half of a semester. No diversity there to say the least. This didn't make me dislike my surroundings though, only show the people I was around that there was more too who we are. We are not one dimensional.

Now that I look back on my thought process as a teen, I'm thankful for how I was raised and fearful how these children are being raised today. I feel like generations before them had at least a fighting chance and now there chance is slim to none. I was able to form my own opinion of people and this world, it wasn't stuffed down my throat to feel a certain "just because."

With that said, I have to always remind myself who where I came from and where I plan to go because I know in this world, there are a lot of people who want me to lose by default. They don't want me to win, only because I'm attached to something I can't change, nor do I want too. I love me. All of me. Every fiber, everything piece of my being and I hope through all the hate, you know that you love you too.