In My Feelings

We're all programmed to feel. What's felt is left to us. In this life, we are vessels and whatever passes through us can affect our well being. The waves you let interrupt you matter though. This process has been dubbed "in my feelings" for awhile.

Always remember that whatever you're going through is temporary. There's light at the end of the tunnel if you're holding your head high enough to see. For those who have said to themselves today "I'm in my feelings", this is for you. 

If something is bothering you and you want something to get over it, this is your sign. If you've got a tough decision to make and you're in need of a push, this is it. If you're wondering what's next for you and you need assurance for your moves. This is it. As much as I get "in my feelings", I know that I'll never get anything accomplished if I stay there.